`(quasiconf 2013)

The pan-Lisp Conference at FrOSCon 8

St. Augustin (Germany), August 24/25, 2013

After last year’s first quasiconf we are happy to be able to host a second edition. We’d like to thank the kind folks of FrOSCon and our sponsor doo for making this possible.

Call for Papers

quasiconf is a pan-Lisp conference which means it is open for talks and workshops covering any kind of Lisp dialect or Lisp inspired language. For example, we’ve welcomed Clojure, Scheme, PicoLisp, and Emacs (Lisp) last year, as well as some meta-topics relevant to both Lisp veterans and newcomers. So if you have something you’d like to present that fits this spirit, submit your proposal until August 1, 2013 through the FrOSCon CfP system. Choose “Lisp” for “Track”. Your session may take 1 or 2 hours. Here’s a (non-normative) list of topic ideas:

Lisp in the Real World

Lispy languages are often regarded as academic and impractical for solving real world problems. Do you have a project which shows that this is not the case? How do you use Lisp to handle your daily chores? Do you have a business based on Lisp or on software written in Lisp? Talk about it!

Why Lisp?

Since quasiconf will be hosted as a subconference of FrOSCon which attracts people of many different interests and non-Lisp backgrounds it would be nice to have talks on why learning Lisp might be worthwhile for them.

Language Experimentation

Did you create your own Lisp using Unicode parentheses or did you implement a Scheme in Minecraft? Show us what it’s good at and why we’d want to use it!

Consing a Community

Do you host a Lisp user group in your town? Do you provide support on mailing lists, IRC channels or wikis? Share your experience with us: Tell us what works and what doesn’t and how you starve the trolls.

Parenthetical Art

If you use Lisp for composing music, crafting visualizations or making games then this is your opportunity to show it off. Lisp is not just about code as data, it’s also about programming as art!

When and Where

As last year, quasiconf will be a subconference at FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) which will take place during the weekend on 24th and 25th of August 2013 in St. Augustin, Germany. There will be no extra entrance fee other than the regular FrOSCon ticket. Consult their website for more information.


For any further questions contact Moritz Heidkamp.